The Job Shop Playbook

The Second Edition of The Job Shop Playbook offers over 100 new pages of insights and activities. Discover insider secrets to transform your job shop into a profit generating machine.


It is important to make sure job shops are using an accurate inventory system that’s regularly updated.

...the purpose of the specification is to provide a description of the requirements of a process and/or service to be performed on a product. Effective specs are concise, brief, and not overly technical.

What you will find in this ebook?

Industrial Job Shops are an overlooked, undervalued, yet critical piece of the supply chain puzzle. These facilities often become lost in the manufacturing shuffle, falling further behind due to a lack of time, resources, and technology in an already underserved market. Although there are many textbooks that highlight the fundamentals of running a profitable business, none seem to encapsulate the dynamic complexities of the parts-in, parts-out market… until now.

This 20-chapter, second edition playbook is easy to read and packed full of information for job shops.

Chapter No. 1: The Sales Process

Not all sales are equal. As crucial as it is to just sell, if one is not deliberate in winning good jobs, enterprise growth will become stagnant. This chapter includes strategic initiatives you can apply to grow your job shop.

Chapter No. 2: The Quoting Process

The biggest and fastest-growing companies in the industry are hyper-focused on quoting. To excel in surface finishing, it is mandatory to excel in quoting. In this chapter you'll learn how to improve the speed and accuracy of the quoting process.

Chapter No. 3: The Marketing Strategy

Marketing in metal finishing is usually an afterthought. This chapter will share detailed steps job shops can take to level up their strategy to attract business and boost overall company growth.

...and 17 more info-packed chapters!

What will you learn?


Steps to take to plan for growth, succession or the sale of your job shop.

How to opimize your workforce and process more orders, faster.

Practical exercises to immediately improve your business.

Industry Experts Share Insights and Tips

Each chapter is loaded with information and followed by activities to immediately apply what you have learned to your job shop in order to improve overall operations.

Kevin Wedge, Owner of ProPowder

"We have increased visibility in all areas of our process, including remote and offsite visibility. "

"Most importantly, it is key that owners get clear on what they would like to happen over the next 3-5 years, for themselves, their families, their customers and their key people..."

Christopher Cousins, Succession Planning Expert

"Now we can VERY easily convert a quotation into a live order effortlessly."

Eva Curto, Ace Anodizing

"I took this info to the customer,... this keeps their piece price down and our margins up! A true win-win.”

Ken Hannem, Sales at D&K Powder Coating

About the Contributors

The Job Shop Playbook was written by a handful of industry experts from across North America on succession planning, sales, marketing and much for, specifically in the metal finishing industry.

Book Description

This first-of-its-kind guide includes insider secrets from industry experts to elevate industrial job shops.

Secure your copy and transform your job shop into a profit generating machine.